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最近隨著東南亞經濟的發展,越來越多的穆斯林來到台灣。 然而,在許多情況下,穆斯林在伊斯蘭教法要求下,旅遊在外時,對於外食與禱告一直存在著焦慮。





Our responsibility is to make businesses of tourism industry be able to eliminate those concerns of Muslims travelers while they are in Taiwan and help each Muslim traveler to enjoy a comfortable time in our country.

Halal restaurants are not common in Taiwan. In order to make Muslim travelers experience the hospitality of Taiwanese, Halal meals in Muslim friendly fields are indispensable.

We provide training and counseling for businesses of the tourism industry in Taiwan, adjust services to the best way to promote Muslim tourism and make it easy for Muslim tourists to clearly identify the appropriate Halal service options during the tour.

Our mission is to implement respect of multicultural, making every visitor to Taiwan can travel comfortably and enjoy their trip.

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